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Thank for your willingness to LOVE our friends and fellow Oregonians impacted by wildfires! A confirmation email is on its way.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your junk or spam mailboxes or fill out the sign-up form again.

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Please sign up for an available time-slot using the below Google calendar (note a Google or gmail account is required). You may also email with your availability.  Please follow our Google Business or Facebook pages for updated hours of operation.

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Faith in our community saves lives…

Months ago, as the wildfires approached, entire communities were told that they must “leave now”, businesses had not even the time to close their shops, families left without shoes, wallets and other necessities. At an incredible speed, a front of destruction approached.

Had they stayed any longer many would not have survived. These brave families, business owners and individuals evacuated, and undoubtedly they left with a faith that they would be taken care of; That they were not alone.

Survivors of natural disaster and especially those who have suffered previous trauma are at their most vulnerable “at 6 and 30 months” after the event. To our wildfire victims we ask that you continue to have faith in our Oregon community, we will continue to advocate for your needs and share your brave stories. You have been amazingly self-sufficient, you have shown, with action, what it means to be resilient. Our efforts are only to compliment what you have already accomplished. Your strength is what has inspired us to action. 

Thank you for your willingness to serve our fellow Oregonians, together WE ARE #MCKENZIESTRONG!

With greatest thanks,

LOVEfirst Disaster Relief